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We’ll help you acquire and refinance commercial properties in a way that builds your wealth.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional investor, property developer, or SMSF investor – getting the right loan can help you make the most of your property investment.

From increasing your LVR to negotiating optimal repayment conditions, our experienced commercial brokers can help you obtain loans that lead to better returns.

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Commercial Property Investment Loans

Get financing for commercial-class property investments with help from our specialist commercial brokers.

Commercial investment loans are often viewed as lower-risk than other types of commercial property loans, making it easier to receive favourable loan conditions.

Our brokers will help you find an appropriate lender and present your case in the best possible light – different properties and different types of investors are ideally matched with lenders and loan conditions that match their investment and business goals.

Find out how we can help you empower your portfolio.

Commercial Property Development Loans

Flexible financing options are essential for making your commercial development happen.

Commercial developments – typically developments of more than four units – have specialised requirements and higher interest rates than residential developments.

Our extensive commercial experience means we understand the intricacies of development loans – by detailing your development plan and financial history in the right way, our brokers can help you borrow to the LVR limit and secure more favourable interest rates.

Find out how we can help with commercial property development loans.

SMSF Commercial Property Loans

Make your super work for you by using your self-managed super fund (SMSF) as a tax-efficient investment vehicle.

Commercial properties typically have higher returns than residential properties, which growth-focused SMSF investors often find appealing.  Lenders may also offer more favourable rates for commercial loans made through an SMSF.

Talk to our brokers about getting a commercial property loan through your SMSF.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Commercial properties are considered by most brokers to be higher-risk investments than residential properties, which means deposits for commercial properties are typically larger.

For an average commercial property in Australia worth over $1 million, you’ll need a deposit of anywhere from 25% to 35% of the property’s total value.  This varies depending on the risk level associated with the property in question, your financing history, the lender, the market, and a range of other factors.    

The value of commercial properties as investments hinges on their appeal to tenants.  With the right tenants, a commercial property can generate significantly higher returns; however, this increased return potential is offset by the greater complexity and risk of commercial property financing, which can deter many borrowers.

To minimise the risk of a commercial property loan, you need a specialist commercial mortgage broker who can navigate negotiations with lenders and balance unfavourable contracts.  Critically, you need to make sure the property’s earning potential is stable – a good broker will liaise with property lawyers and financial experts to ensure contracts and tenancy agreements don’t put the property value at risk.      

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