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Refinance with a loan that helps grow your wealth

Refinancing your mortgage can help you take advantage of good market conditions and low interest rates. 

For certain investors, it can also be used to leverage equity or a better credit rating for more favourable loan conditions.

If you think your mortgage might benefit from refinancing, our specialist brokers can help you find a loan that saves you money, improves your tax situation, and decreases your repayment time.

Discover how intelligent refinancing means financing for the future.

Enquire about Refinancing

Enquire About Refinancing

The ALIC Advantage

Choosing a mortgage broker is a big decision – especially if you’re taking out a loan for a business or an investment.

Find out how The ALIC Advantage makes us the best choice for investors, business owners, and high net worth individuals.

Industry Experience

Our specialised brokers have an average of 15 years’ experience in the banking and financial sectors.

Rapid-response Support

Your loan matters, which is why we have an average client response time of just 38 minutes.

Results-oriented Approach

We’re here to finance your future – and that means brokering loans that lead to better outcomes for you.

Refinancing Calculator

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Most frequent questions and answers

Refinancing a mortgage is not bad; in fact, refinancing at the right time can help save you a lot of money.  Keep in mind, though, that refinancing for the wrong reasons or when the market is up can seriously impact your financial stability.

Here are some considerations if you’re thinking about refinancing.

  • Be wary about consolidating different types of debt with your mortgage, as it can place your property at risk of foreclosure.
  • Refinancing comes with its own costs. Make sure the money you stand to save outweighs the expense of the refinancing process.
  • If you’re not planning to stay in your property for long, refinancing probably isn’t worth it.
  • Make sure your credit score hasn’t worsened since your original mortgage. Even if the current interest rates are lower, worse credit could mean you actually end up paying more. 

Yes, refinancing can have a negative impact on your credit, but it’s important to understand that this damage is normally temporary. 

Making a hard credit check as part of applying for a new loan is often enough to damage your credit slightly.  Similarly, closing an account (which happens when you close your old home loan and open a new one) can also cause your credit score to dip.

Normally, though, your credit score will rebound as you begin paying off your refinanced loan.

Accelerate Your Repayments

Talk to our brokers about refinancing with a better interest rate.

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