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Wonderful team, I felt very taken care of. Unlike stories I've heard of other brokers, they kept me informed, followed up with developers and banks on my behalf, were available to talk to me when needed. This was my first experience with needing this kind of help, and I couldn't more highly recommend the ALIC's team.
Auryn Rotten
March 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my first meeting?

Once you’ve booked your free consultation, we’ll send you a list of documents you’ll need.  

Generally, it’s a good idea to bring: 

  • photo ID, like a driver’s licence or passport 
  • proof of income, like your last two payslips or your last two years of tax returns, and proof of any other income, such as investment returns or social security payments 
  • details of your savings, investments, and insurance policies 
  • details of any liabilities, such as credit cards or current mortgages 
  • details of your living expenses (as accurately as you can). 

How do your brokers get paid?

We receive post-settlement commissions from our lending partners. We don’t charge you for our services and we only get paid if you get your loan. 

Unlike some brokerages, that commission is the only financial relationship we have with our lenders – we’re not owned, controlled, or otherwise financially involved with any third parties. 

Just as importantly, our lending panel is diverse. We partner with more than 30 bank and non-bank lenders, and we don’t favour any one lender over the others.

Read more about our ethical lending philosophy.

How long will it take me to get a loan?

Each lending scenario is unique. Some loans, such as vehicle loans, settle faster than others, but timelines depend on your personal circumstances, the amount you’re borrowing, the value of the asset(s) you’re acquiring, and the policies of individual lenders. 

On average, a home loan takes four to six weeks to go from application submission to settlement. That doesn’t include time spent with your broker discussing your goals, collecting your information, or preparing your application.