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Amber He

Investment Lending Manager

Amber specialises in residential, asset, SMSF, and commercial lending, helping clients achieve their financial goals through personalised strategies. With a background spanning from brokerage to advisory roles, Amber emphasises building long-term relationships to support holistic financial health.

Strongly recommend Amber He and her team. I am a young professional with limited deposit. Amber can provide me a customised plan and utilise her professional knowledge help me buy my first investment property in my life which is hard to imagine without her advice. I am keen on building a long term relationship with her while my career is progressing. With creating more financial strength, I am looking forward to continuing growing my wealth with her in near future.
Chen Claire
Melbourne, Australia

Amber He

Investment Lending Manager

As an investment lending manager with ALIC, Amber He is responsible for helping clients achieve their financial goals. Her expertise spans practice areas such as residential lending, asset finance, SMSF loans, and commercial lending.

Amber has been operating in the financial sector since 2014. Her first brokerage role was with Reventon; in 2017, she joined Prime Time Advisory as a loan processor, before transitioning to ALIC in 2019.

In her current role, Amber helps her clients build wealth through personalised strategies and a considered understanding of their circumstances. Although individual situations vary, Amber’s focus on building long-term relationships allows her to offer advice that supports holistic financial health. For Amber, lending is about journeying through life with her clients – purchasing their first home, building their property portfolio, and accumulating wealth.

When she’s not liaising with lenders, Amber spends her time exploring Melbourne’s exceptional restaurant scene. She is also a passionate adventurer, with weekends that involve snowboarding, cycling, and paddling.

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