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Damian Brander

Managing Director

Damian Brander, the managing director of ALIC, brings over 20 years of financial services experience to his role, focusing on ethically enabling Australians to create wealth through property investment. His leadership has seen ALIC diversify its brand portfolio, expand its national footprint, and achieve world-class client satisfaction, driven by a commitment to customer-centricity and business acuity.

ALIC adopts a strategic and individualised approach to loan sourcing for its clientele. The team excels in efficiency, demonstrating a thorough and effective communication style throughout the loan settlement process.
Galina Fidler
Melbourne, Australia

Damian Brander

Managing Director

Damian Brander has served as the managing director of the Australian Lending and Investment Centre (ALIC) since August 2021. With more than 20 years of financial services experience, his focus is simple: ethically enable more Australians to create wealth through property investment.  

Damian’s professional career started in 1996 – as a chef in some of Melbourne’s most prestigious restaurants. After selling his own hospitality venue in 2003, he joined NAB, where, as a senior business banking manager, he helped grow his team’s book to more than $1.5 billion in FUM. In 2008, he became an Area Sales Manager for Bankwest, managing 76 staff across 14 sites and a $4.1 billion P&L balance sheet.   

By 2011, Damian was the bank manager for Bank of Melbourne’s largest branch. In 2013, he became Bank of Melbourne’s Regional General Manager for North, West and Regional Victoria – a role that involved broad-spectrum leadership responsibilities, including direct oversight of more than $1.47 billion in assets.  

Since 2021, Damian has consolidated ALIC’s reputation as Australia’s leading independent residential brokerage. Under his stewardship, the company has diversified its brand portfolio and tripled its national footprint, with year-over-year revenue up 14% since 2021. He has also helped synthesise the company’s intellectual property into two discrete business units: Outsourced Experts, an offshore BPO firm, and Lolli, a broking software company. 

Damian’s leadership style is defined by two key traits: customer-centricity and business acuity. Client satisfaction is his North Star – in FY2023, ALIC achieved an NPS® of 88 (world-class) from 264 clients. His ability to interpret both internal and market dynamics is equally invaluable, enabling him to deliver consistently exceptional results.  

In addition to his directorship of ALIC, Damian serves as the Managing Director of ELC Group, the Chief Executive Officer of Lolli, and the Chairman of Outsourced Experts. 

Among brokerages, ALIC is genuinely unique – an organisation that’s suffused by integrity.

From the personal beliefs of Mark and Kevin to the compensation models of our brokers, ethical lending is part of our DNA.

And, since 2021, I’ve seen that philosophy change so many lives.

I’m incredibly grateful that I, in partnership with a team of exceptional individuals, have the opportunity to help more Australians get there – wherever ‘there’ looks like for them.

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