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Kate Allison

Senior Investment Lending Manager

Kate brings over 26 years of financial sector experience to her role, balancing team management with guiding clients towards their financial aspirations. With a background spanning from banking to private property investment, Kate emphasises client education and understanding, ensuring borrowers have the knowledge and tools to manage their financial health.

Over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Kate. She is an outstanding mortgage broker who surpassed all my expectations. From start to finish, her expertise, professionalism, and dedication were truly remarkable.

What really impressed me about Kate was her knowledge and expertise, which became abundantly clear as she expertly guided me through the complex maze of mortgage products available, providing clear explanations and comparisons that allowed me to make informed decisions.

Couldn't recommend Kate high enough, she's the best!
Craig Griffiths
Melbourne, Australia

Kate Allison

Senior Investment Lending Manager

Kate Allison is one of ALIC’s investment lending managers. Since 2014, Kate has balanced managing the company’s growing team with helping clients realise their financial goals.

Kate began her financial career as a customer service officer with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 1998; by 2003, she had transitioned into a banking management role. In 2006, she joined ANZ, where she progressed through a variety of management roles before moving to ALIC in 2014.

With 26 years of experience in the financial sector, Kate excels at client education. She aims to help borrowers understand loan origination, optimal debt structures, and the process of building wealth. Financial education in Australia is neglected, especially by the banking sector – by giving her clients the right knowledge, Kate ensures they have the tools they need to look after their financial health.

Kate is also a private property investor. The client-side experience of being an investor enables her to understand exactly what investors want and the challenges they face in succeeding. Her role is that of a self-described ‘inbetweener’ – working with lenders to expedite settlements so her clients can focus on their daily priorities.

Away from work, Kate is a passionate foodie, deploying her finely honed analytical skills to track down the best eateries in Melbourne. She also enjoys outdoor camping with her two greatest loves – her pets and her family.

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