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Whether you’re moving up the property ladder or just getting on, choosing the right mortgage matters.

I want to buy my first home.

Enter the property market with low-deposit loans and government grants.

I want to buy my next home.

Navigate towards your forever home with an owner-occupied mortgage.

I’m a self-employed buyer.

Explore flexible loans that can help make your own home a reality.

Other Home Loan Solutions

I’m buying with a guarantor

With a guarantor’s backing, you can take out an LMI-free loan and enter the market faster.

I’m buying through my SMSF.

Learn how you can borrow through your SMSF or refinance an existing loan.

I want to invest in property.

Start building your property portfolio with an investment home loan.

First Home Buyer Loans

Buying your first property isn’t just about having a home that’s finally yours. 

By entering the property market, you’ll benefit from capital growth, the most sustainable way to build wealth in Australia. 

That’s why working with a broker who can get you there is so important. 

With an average approval rate of 96%, our lending strategists can help you secure the right loan – one that’s affordable today and structured for tomorrow. 

Schedule a free consultation to find out how we can make your first home a reality. 

Why Australians Invest With Us

More than 36,000 Australian businesses and individuals choose us as their mortgage brokers.

Ethical Lending

ALIC is genuinely different – an award-winning broker with no hidden financial incentives and no questionable referral partners.

Diverse Lending Panel

With more than 30 bank and non-bank partners on our lending panel, finding the right mortgage is simple.

Strategic Approach

Your loan should be one that supports your ideal future – whether that’s a multi-property portfolio or a stress-free retirement.

Connect With Experts ​

Access our network of leading property professionals to get the advice you need – no referral commissions involved.

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Fixed- and Variable-Rate Home Loans

Moving onto your next home is a big decision. 

You need a loan structure that matches your financial situation. 

You need a lender who can move to settlement quickly. 

And you need a borrowing strategy that looks beyond today – to the home after this one, to your first investment property, to your long-term financial goals. 

Our lending strategists can help you get there.  

More Than Just a Home Loan

Connect With Advocates

To invest successfully, you need the right people around you.

Our lending strategists can connect you with essential professionals like buyer’s advocates – and, with no financial relationships involved, you know you’re getting an honest referral.

Develop a Strategy

Taking out a mortgage isn’t just about the property you buy today.

It’s a step towards your long-term financial objectives, which is why the right lending structure and a proper borrowing strategy are so important.

Build a Portfolio

Property appreciation is one of the easiest ways to sustainably build wealth in Australia.

With a record of successful portfolio creation for leading investors, our strategists can help get you there – whatever ‘there’ looks like for you.

Leading Property Investors Trust ALIC

Our clients share their experiences of transformation and growth.

Our journey with ALIC started 5 to 6 years ago when we purchased land and subsequently built our first home. Since then, we have continued our association with them, and it has proven to be a decision we do not regret. Their team not only provided financial guidance but also helped us build our wealth through a well-thought-out investment portfolio.

Trusting someone with your finances is a crucial decision, and ALIC has consistently demonstrated reliability. Their approach goes beyond transactional relationships; it's about building a lasting partnership.
Sascha Hossain
February 2024
There are lenders, banks and brokers, and then there is ALIC. Kevin Agent and his team are amazing in finding solutions for your business or personal needs. They helped me establish my business, sorted out my home loan and savings and helped me buy my new home without any stress or worry and financially my family has never been better.

Look no further than the Australian Lending & Investments Centre. No one better and highly recommended.
James Tamanika
January 2024
Natasha has been an exceptional mortgage broker for us for the last decade. We have come to rely on her expertise implicitly and trust her completely. She has impressive efficiency. She always gives personalised guidance that suits our circumstances (which are complex), and she is honest when she thinks something is not a good idea. Lastly, she is so friendly and such a great communicator that every interaction is easy and enjoyable.

We've recommended Tash to all of our friends who have sought mortgages and they would all write something similar. Highly recommend.
Rebecca Foskey
January 2024

Guarantor Home Loans

Every year, residential properties in Australia increase in value by a median of 16.48%. 

On a $600,000 home, that’s an annual increase of $98,880 – enough for a deposit on an investment property. 

Using a guarantor to take out a home loan can help you get into the market faster, minimising lost opportunity costs and helping you build your property portfolio. 

And, with LVRs of up to 105% available, you might not even need a deposit to start borrowing. 

Schedule a free consultation with one of our lending strategists to find out more about how ALIC can help. 

Learn From Leading Australian Brokers

With articles written by award-winning brokers like Mark Davis, ALIC’s Insights Hub is one of the best places to learn about building wealth through property. 

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First Home Buyer Schemes to assist prospective homeowners in achieving their dreams.

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Questions About Home Loans

Is it easier to get a mortgage through a mortgage broker?

Yes, getting a loan for a residential property is generally much easier if you go through a mortgage broker. 

A good broker will act as a guide to the complex world of property financing – they’ll help you understand the loan process and what lenders look for, they’ll operate in your best interests, and, most importantly, they’ll help broker a loan designed for your specific situation. 

Mortgage brokers maintain a network of lenders that they can easily reach out to, which means they may be able to help you get a mortgage even if you’ve been rejected when you’ve applied directly to banks.  They’ll be able to represent you in the best possible light, making it more likely that you can get a loan with favourable repayment conditions and interest rates. 

Do mortgage brokers give loans?

A mortgage broker doesn’t normally give loansThey act as a liaison between you (the borrower) and the lender, who can be a bank or a non-bank financer. 

Are mortgage brokers better than banks?

Most banks let you borrow directly from them, but it often makes more sense to go through a mortgage broker.  Banks are lenders, which means they typically have set home loan rates.  These rates aren’t ideal for everyone, and you may benefit from the tailored rates that a mortgage broker can facilitate. 

Banks may also not want to lend to you outright, especially if you already have a number of mortgages.  A mortgage broker can negotiate with the bank to get you a loan; if they’re unable to get a loan from a particular bank, they can help you find another lender from their network of banks and non-bank financers. 

How do mortgage brokers get paid?

Most mortgage brokers get paid by commission from lenders, although some charge the client – you – a service fee instead. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Service fees can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars, especially if your broker works with you to identify the right type of loan for your financial objectives. That can add a large upfront cost that isn’t affordable for many Australians and means there’s no financial incentive for your broker to secure you a loan quickly. The benefit of paying your broker directly is that they’re not financially associated with lenders. 

Brokers who get paid by commission, on the other hand, are completely free for you to use. They can work with you to find the right loan (not just the first one you can afford), develop long-term borrowing strategies, and resolve any problems free of charge. Because they get paid once a loan is settled, they’re incentivised to get you a loan quickly. The disadvantage is that unethical commission-paid brokers may refer you to certain lenders who may pay higher commissions, rather than the lender that’s the best fit for you. 

To find an ethical broker, look for a brokerage like ALIC that has: 

  • a diverse lending panel with 15 or more lenders 
  • a proven record of happy clients 
  • a long-term, outcome-focused approach to lending 
  • no financial relationships with buyer’s advocates, real estate agents, or other property professionals. 

What’s the best bank to get a home loan from?

There is no ‘best bank’ to borrow from. Finding the right lender depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals.  

Working with a broker means you’ll have an accredited professional helping source different mortgage options from both bank and non-bank lenders – and, just as importantly, they’ll be able to model exactly how each loan could affect your financial future. Once you understand the possible options and their long-term implications, you can make an informed decision about which loan is right for you.  

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