Transitional Broker Program

Become a mortgage broker through a one-on-one program that pairs you with an ALIC senior lending manager.

The Transitional Broker program helps motivated individuals become successful, fully accredited mortgage brokers.

How the Transitional Broker Program Works

To continue our legacy of exceptional client results, our brokers must have the right skills, attitudes, and focus.

Over time, we found that acquiring brokers from external sources rarely resulted in the right fit.

So we developed our own talent pipeline: a way to teach motivated finance professionals the skills they needed to become professional brokers.

The Transitional Broker program enables handpicked individuals to become mortgage brokers by pairing them with senior lending managers in a structured, education-focused setting.

Over the course of six to 12 months, each participant develops the requisite capabilities to be an ALIC broker by working as associate investment lending managers.

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Capabilities we Nurture


Develop the ability to communicate effectively with clients, lenders and partners.


Hone negotiation skills to facilitate more successful client outcomes.


Improve research and methodological capabilities to ensure the best options are presented to clients.


Position yourself for internal success with comprehensive leadership mentoring.


Find out how to orient yourself in the market for scalable, sustainable business growth.

Hard Competencies

Learn the technical skills required to become an Australian mortgage broker.


Participants generally complete the Transitional Broker program in six to 12 months, transitioning from associate investment lending managers to accredited mortgage brokers.

  • Participant intake takes place every six months
  • Handpicked participants are interviewed, matched with their mentors, and employed as associate investment lending managers
  • Mentors coordinate with participants to workshop ideal program outcomes and career pathways
  • Program onboarding takes place (including the provision of supplementary materials)
  • Participants engage in fieldwork initiatives with their mentors
  • Asynchronous and real-time teaching takes place
  • Participants’ six core capabilities are nurtured
  • Participants complete theoretical and real-world assignments
  • Regular progress check-ins ensure participants are fully engaged by the program
  • Cohort learning groups help participants network and support each other
  • Participants are supported with ongoing CPD and microlearning
  • Fortnightly one-on-one check-ins take place for up to 12 months after program completion
  • Regular performance checks ensure any suboptimal capabilities can be addressed


Impact Stories

Stories from our investment professionals and their experience undertaking ALIC’s transitional broker program.

Meet Simmon Sleiman

Meet Stephen Marsh

Join the ALIC Transitional Broker program.

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