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Kevin Agent

Principal and Senior Investment Lending Manager

Kevin, a co-founder of ALIC and a seasoned leader in finance, is renowned as one of Australia’s most experienced mortgage brokers. With over 23 years in leadership roles at a major bank and extensive industry recognition, Kevin takes a holistic approach to guide clients towards their long-term financial goals, leveraging his expertise and vast network of specialists. His comprehensive qualifications and track record on MPA’s top broker list underscore his commitment to empowering clients with informed financial decisions.

There are lenders, banks and brokers, and then there is ALIC. Kevin Agent and his team are amazing in finding solutions for your business or personal needs. They helped me establish my business, sorted out my home loan and savings and helped my buy my new home without any stress or worry and financially my family has never been better.

Look no further than Australian Lending & Investments Centre. No one better and highly recommended.
James Tamanika
Melbourne, Australia

Kevin Agent

Principal and Senior Investment Lending Manager

Kevin is a respected leader in the finance industry and considered one of the most experienced mortgage brokers in Australia.  Prior to co-founding ALIC in 2009, Kevin worked for a major bank for 23 years in various leadership roles including Business Banking, Audit and Risk Management, giving him a wealth of experience and expertise.

Kevin takes a holistic view of his clients needs, working closely with financial planners, buyers advocates and other specialists to ensure his clients are nurtured and guided towards their long term financial goals.  This process enables his clients to access the best advisors and assists them to navigate through what has become a complex and cumbersome process when dealing with funders.

Kevin is an ASIC credit licence holder and a full member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.  In addition, he holds an MBA, Diploma of Finance / Mortgage Broking and a Diploma of Financial Planning, making him perfectly equipped to provide his clients with all the information they need to find the perfect loan and streamline their personal finances, giving them more control over their money and the freedom to enjoy the life they love.

Of his 13 years as a mortgage broker, Kevin has spent 10 years in MPA’s top broker list.

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