[Ripehouse Advisory] Addressing The RBA

Damian Brander, ALIC’s Managing Director, was invited to be an expert panelist on Ripehouse Advisory’s vodcast to discuss the RBA’s monetary policy and its impact on property investors. Joined by a panel of the greatest minds in the industry, they tackled all the hard-hitting questions and reviewed the announcements from the RBA’s February meeting.

Guests include:

  1. Jacob Field: CEO & Founder Of Ripehouse Advisory
  2. Damian Brander: Managing Director At The Australian Lending & Investment Centre
  3. Julian Nicolitsis: Head Of Strategy At Ripehouse Advisory
  4. Mike Mortlock: Managing Director At MCG Quantity Surveyors

Topics Covered In This Video:

  1. Interest Rates and Property Valuation Trends
  2. Policy Impacts on Investment and Supply
  3. The Mortgage Cliff: A Real Concern or Media Nonsense?
  4. Tax Revisions and Property Investment
  5. Supply, Demand, and Investor Confidence
  6. Construction Industry Forecast: Addressing the Housing Supply Shortage
  7. Examining the RBA’s Position and Inflationary Pressures
  8. Addressing the Rental Affordability Crisis inAustralia
  9. Wage Growth and Its Role in Economic Balance
  10. Long-Term Perspectives of the Investor

Watch the Full Uncut Discussion

Join Jacob, Julian, Mike and Damian as they discuss the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Monetary Policy and the Impact on Property Investment

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