[Ripehouse Advisory] High Performance Property Investment Podcast

An outstanding Podcast with Ripehouse Advisory‘s Jacob Field and Damian Brander from The Australian Lending & Investment Centre discussing just how sophisticated investors finance & lend in today’s market.

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Jacob Introduction – Financial Investment Strategist’s ALIC.

The Background of Damian Brander – Managing Director of The Australian Lending & Investment Centre.

What right now can people can do to potentially maximise or increase their borrowing capacity?
– Non-Deductible Vs Deductible

Why Do Australian’s Love Property?

A Strategy For If you have some equity in your principal place of residence.

The amazing stats and numbers about Australia’s offset accounts.

For investors.. why it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do P and I for the first 3-5 years! 

Capitalising on Opportunities when they present themselves.

What time frames would Damian suggest to review their portfolios? their values and increase their offset facilities.

70% of the market now is going through a broker as opposed to going through a lender direct.

How ALIC is able to be ready and available at anytime for their clients.

Is a discounted rate from the big tier lender a real thing?

A good discount back in 2006-2007… was 0.9% Why now up to 3%?

Lenders need to write more lending due to share market demand so they need to pull levers  and they’re not great about personal relationships.

Online loan discount platforms VS personal relationships bargaining with banks.  

Mining creating jobs but it goes through two phases 1. Investment then 2. Production… which has very few workers. But the mining sector cycle has come round again in QLD in W.A.

Adding fuel to the demand cycle.  

Emotional buyers during covid more than dollars and cents. But now investors are knowing that now is the more aware time of paying the right price.

The SMSF market now and the banks SMSF background and how a SMSF is a non-recourse loan!

How a bank will have a lot of trouble forclosing on a SMSF loan!

Super is forced and comes with a long time horizon, would it be ok to wear a little bit of negative cash flow per week with no, zero compromise on capital growth.

Some really good investments in superannuation’s come down to two types.. Residential or Commercial (pros and cons)

A SMSF doesn’t look at your personal debts?

We are finding our optimal buying range in Australia at the moment between 400k – 600k, what sort of balance do you need in your SMSF to buy a property in that range?

Can you combine you and your spouses super together?

The amount of properties nowadays you are looking at to purchase in order to retire in the long term?

What’s possible… and what’s not possible then its up to you to make you final decision.