Liza Zhang

Investment Lending Manager

As one of ALIC’s investment lending managers, Liza Zhang works closely with her clients to find the right loans for their financial situations. She specialises in loan structure analyses and helping clients pursue future-proofed lending scenarios.

Liza entered the financial sector in 2016 as a finance officer. Over the next five years, she held various accounting and finance roles, before joining ALIC in 2021 as a client services manager.

In 2022, Liza became an associate investment lending manager through ALIC’s Transitional Broker program, before transitioning to her current role in 2023. Her responsibilities range from liaising with clients and lenders to running financial analyses and coordinating Kevin and Kate’s loan processing teams.  

As a broker, Liza’s goal is simple: help clients build the wealth they need to achieve their goals. Financial security for its own sake doesn’t matter – it’s about the lifestyle and opportunities that it makes possible. That future-focused approach to lending has seen her receive consistently positive feedback from her clients.

When she isn’t supporting property investors, Liza hones her problem-solving skills by building Lego models. She also loves cooking cuisines from around the world – a hobby that helps fuel her long weekend hikes.

Liza holds a Bachelor of Accounting and a Master of Financial Analysis from La Trobe University and a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. She is also a member of the MFAA.

There are no shortcuts in property investing. It’s about working with the right team and using the right lending structure, over and over again, and being diligent about how you deploy your capital.

Building wealth through property isn’t about rolling the dice on high-risk investments. Consistency – that’s the key.

What Clients Say About Liza

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