SMSF Refinancing

Are you stuck paying high interest on an SMSF loan? We have the solution.

Why don't the Big Four banks offer competitive interest rates for SMSF loans anymore? 

If you have an SMSF loan with one of the Big Four banks, you might be paying a high interest rate. 

Did you know that many banks are no longer offering SMSF loans, and, as such, few are offering competitive interest rates?  

Your investment returns could be suffering from high legacy interest rates (known as ‘grandfathered’ rates) and there are better options out there. 

We can help you access them. 

What is a grandfathered loan?

In situations where a lender discontinues a product, existing customers who already have access to the product may be permitted to continue using it.  

This was the case for SMSF loans – most major banks stopped offering them after the Banking Royal Commission. 

Because there was no longer any competition in the SMSF loan market, the banks had no incentive to keep interest rates low for the borrowers who stayed with them. 

After all, with no major bank taking on new SMSF loans, where else could those borrowers go? 

Over time, customers with grandfathered loans saw their interest rates keep rising – in some cases, to as much as 50% more than comparable non-SMSF rates.  

Grandfathered interest rates are letting you down.

Take advantage of better market conditions and refinance your SMSF loan with rates from just 6.69%. 

By leveraging our industry network, we can help you switch to an SMSF loan with a significantly reduced interest rate, making a difference of potentially thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. 

If you’re unsure about how much you currently pay in interest or you want to maximise your returns, talk to us about strategies. 

We’re one of Australia’s most awarded brokerages.

Why should I switch from a major bank to another lender?

Although you may be a loyal customer, your loyalty may not hold as much value in the realm of banking as you might expect, especially with the Big Four. 

If the interest rate for your SMSF loan is high, you should prioritise your own finances above any relationship you might have with a lender. 

Speak to someone at ALIC to learn how refinancing with a smaller lender can help you to save thousands of dollars over the life of your SMSF loan. 

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