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Rebekah Sander

Operations State Manager (VIC)

Rebekah Sander, ALIC’s Victorian Operations Manager, leverages over 8 years of financial industry expertise to drive team performance, foster collaboration, and optimise operational processes.

Outside work, she finds solace in gardening, knitting, and treasured family moments, offering a harmonious balance to her dynamic career

We worked with Jessica Yang, and I honestly can't recommend her and her team (Rebekah and Matthew) at ALIC enough! They really genuinely care about you and your situation, and work diligently to support you in achieving the best possible outcome.

We just bought our first home, and both myself and my partner feel that our great outcome was down to Jess's support and guidance. In particular, her and her team's communication, information provision (and patience with all of our questions!) and overall customer service are second-to-none. We recommend Jess and her team to everyone we know!!
Amelia Hyatt
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Rebekah Sander

Operations State Manager (VIC)

Rebekah Sander is ALIC’s Victorian Operations Manager, boasting over 8 years of financial industry experience. Prior to her managerial role, she excelled as a Team Leader, Senior Mortgage Processor, and Customer Relationship Manager.

Rebekah’s day-to-day involves overseeing team performance, providing mentorship, ensuring compliance, and optimising operational processes.

She fosters a collaborative and client-focused environment, emphasising transparent communication and continuous learning. Her commitment to exceptional customer service and team empowerment sets her apart, driving success in a competitive market.

She believes in adaptability and transparent communication, emphasising trust-building for successful relationships.

Rebekah holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

Outside work, she enjoys gardening, knitting, and cherished family moments, finding balance amid her dynamic financial career.


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