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Stella Li

National Training & Development Manager

Stella Li leverages a decade of industry experience to ensure organisational excellence through training initiatives and operational efficiency. With a dedication to continuous improvement and a knack for process optimisation, Stella’s unique contributions enrich ALIC’s culture of growth and professionalism, while her personal interests in crafting, gardening, and cultural exploration add depth to her vibrant personality.

Very happy with our service for our refinancing and investment property purchase. Clear communication from start to finish. Even with all the interest rate changes we were able to overcome any issues in the process.

Great work by the whole team at ALIC. Look forward to working with you in the future.
Christopher Edwards
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Stella Li

National Training & Development Manager

Stella Li, ALIC’s National Training and Development Manager, brings a decade of industry experience to her role.

Formerly a Branch Manager and Acting Regional Executive, Stella ensures organisational support through training programs, operational efficiency, and leadership assistance.

Her approach of never settling for the status quo reflects in her dedication to continuous improvement. Stella’s unique contributions lie in her coaching expertise, operational management skills, and process optimisation abilities.

She advises embracing discomfort as a pathway to growth. Positive results in her role are measured through improved compliance outcomes, submission quality, staff proficiency, and enhanced learning effectiveness. Despite lacking personal awards, Stella takes pride in her contributions to the company’s achievements.

With qualifications including MFAA mentorship and a Graduate Certificate in Commerce, she upholds a high standard of professionalism. Outside of work, Stella finds joy in tending to her potted plants, crafting, watching movies, and indulging in video games on weekends. Her love for travel and cultural exploration enriches her holiday experiences.


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